by Pseudo Color

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Recorded from Aug. 2015 to Nov. 2015 and mixed by Bennett Kane at The Tone Loft

Cover art, images, and booklet design by Benjamin Griggs


released July 1, 2016

Keron Robinson: bells, drums, guitar, monotron, omnichord, organ, percussion, synth, vocals, water bottle
Rachael Carter: vocals; synth co-pilot on tracks 4, 8, 12, and 16
Nick Sarris: vocals on track 2



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Pseudo Color Kennesaw, Georgia

The story of sound and a boy. Time and weather change. Collide into a season.

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Track Name: Three Beauties
It's strange right now
That's unavoidable
Give it time
You just need some space, give it time

You can be alone, it's okay
The mind will heal with time
You can be okay
Track Name: This Facade
This facade's for everyone
Ages 10 and up
I'll pull you all right in
To fool myself in the end

You know I wish I felt that way
I wish I had someone
Someone for me to say
Only you could bear my son

And when you tell her you love her
You need to know where it's coming from
Track Name: Siren Song
I just wanted to see you
Of all days, your birthday
It would have been perfect
At least it was in my head
I was just looking to please you
Am I trying too hard?
Or am I not trying enough?
You can be so damn hard to read

I just wanted to see you
You're usually followed by regret
I tell them I don't do that
When did I become a liar?
But let's get back to you
I think I'll always go back to you
The siren song is on repeat
That was the first thing I heard from you
Track Name: Spring
Spring is the season of your birth
Track Name: Listless
Heartbeat, I thought I saw you
Calmed down when I saw it wasn't true
Arpeggio don't tell the half of it
I don't even know the whole of it

But what I do know is that I'm feeling listless

Ponytail, let it down
When you speak it's more than words
You're not the one that I should be speaking of

One-third the reason I'm feeling listless

Am I missing the right moment
Or did I catch the wrong one
I can see you're a good example
Can't follow while I'm trapped in the cage

You three beauties got me feeling listless

I can start to feel distance
Always feeling like I'm outside
Looking in on what I should be
Where I should be
I have really done it wrong
I could never forget that voice
That spark
Track Name: Blue Envelope
It was in a blue envelope
I sent it Monday morning
I had my reservations but ultimately decided to do so
I had my doubts and ultimately I was right

It was never going to get to you
And sometimes I fantasize about it somehow getting to you
Finally, after all that time
Or maybe it'll come back to me, but I hope not

There's this sinking feeling I get
When I think about it
I wonder where it went
I had to realize that maybe, it was lost for a reason
Track Name: Bleed For You
Dark place
A lost man
Gone awry

And I would bleed for you

We crossed
All reason
Mental cage
Of new thoughts

And I would bleed for you
Track Name: Summer
Summer is the season of transmutation
Track Name: Aero
Holding onto the brave wind
I chuckled at the notion
That I might have some significance
In this deep dark lonely little world
Don't be a fool

Holding onto your brave wind
Holding onto your brave skin
I chuckled at the notion
That I might have some significance
In this deep dark lonely little world
Don't be a fool
Track Name: In The Fog (Alt)
~~~We're in the fog~~~
Track Name: Another Still
I look out
The corner of my eye
A camera flash
Another still
Feeds the air
Move through it
Cannot stop now
Another still

If only I knew
If only I'd known

Through the air
Tears like waterfalls
Fall falls into me
What kind of space
Another still
Come from the clouds
I love this place
Does it know me?

If only I knew
If only I'd known

Another still
Documents the time
Track Name: Fall
Fall is the season of my collapse
Track Name: Cold
It was winter
I was cold
It was winter
No snow
It was winter
You were cold
No relief, no end
Track Name: In The Fog
Can't feel the love anymore
Lost you somewhere along the way
Can't feel the love anymore

Don't see the point anymore
Winding roads made me confused
Don't see the point anymore

It won't come back anymore
Checking out was made too easy
It won't come back anymore

Lots of running around
Passing my own repetitive thoughts
The sun is coming up

We're in the fog on the mountain
Track Name: Virus
Am I to believe my dreams?
I was told to do so and proceeded to worry
I don't want to come between
Something I've seen flourish for years
And the rain is falling now
It's been falling for months
I don't think it'll ever pass
Permanence can feel like a virus
Track Name: Winter
Winter is the season of comfort and isolation