by Pseudo Color

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Recorded in January and May-July of 2013

BG, EM, JH, NS, and RC receive my greatest thanks.


released August 3, 2013

Keron Robinson: guitar, bass, drums, vox, tambourine, shaker, toilet, faucet, field recordings, bells, melodica, hands, omnichord, monotron, monkey machine

Photo in the artwork was taken by Keron Robinson but the cool drawing part of the artwork was done by the great Randall Carbajal



all rights reserved


Pseudo Color Kennesaw, Georgia

The story of sound and a boy. Time and weather change. Collide into a season.

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Track Name: Paracosm
When I'm in the corner I'll go to my paracosm
And if you're not by me I'll go to my paracosm
I can live my sleazy life, I'll go to my paracosm
If it gets too foggy I'll go to my paracosm

It's not imaginary, it's in my paracosm
I go to sleep and it comes up clearly, it's in my paracosm
I sit under a broad-leaved tree in my paracosm
Lose track of my days hanging out in my paracosm

Is it with you or is it with me?
In my paracosm
Track Name: Life Saver, Space Waster
Why can't I do the things I hold up?
They turn into these false purports
I know I am your creative demise
How can you love how I steal your time?
My weeks travel fast and I move in slow-mo
I'm just hitting rewind to start my day
You don't have to like your life
But accept what it has become

Life saver, space waster
And I'm gone

Why can't I remember the good times?
We used to have them every night
"I am sorry" are the only words I found
I just want to be a piece of your pie
When I sat on your shelf and you took me in
When I learned about your head hour on hour
When I wasn't such a sappy sucker
"I love you, you hate me, I love you, you hate me"

Life saver, space waster
And I'm gone
Track Name: Sweat
I sweat all the things I don't need to
Track Name: Sunday Night
It's Sunday night in Kennesaw and I've just come home from work
Try to motivate myself on Sunday night but go to sleep
Watched ODDSAC for the fiftieth time as I ironed my clothes for hours
I remember the guest room (I remember it well)
That room was always hot
Track Name: Did You Ever Notice The Rain On Your Back? (pt. 2)

Track Name: Class
In a classroom where I didn't wanna be
Stuck here for five years, ten semesters
Too late to leave, too deep to see
And feeling way too zoned out of my mind
Some things got dark, you find a way
You find a light but lights die out
Pulling away is probably for the best
It's hard to smile, it was hard to smile

You know it's not worth it
To hold on to lifeless flesh
You know you don't want it
Don't keep pulling for excess
I found myself in another fad
Only to expire in the night
Started losing room to pretend
Bare bones and skin show the way

Stuck in class
Track Name: The Weight of a Chickadee
Those nights at camp she tried to find the bird
She had her sights set on her only concern
The chickadee will return
I hope she gets to see his bird

She can try to capture the chickadee
But it resides in its tree
I'm amazed she can hold the weight
In just one year, she alone became the strongest bird
Track Name: Where Is The Sun?
Where is the sun, I lost him at the beginning of time
He was my friend, now I can't even remember his face
Now he is gone, and I don't quite know how to start my search
So help me out, help me to start to live, to love again